Linking & Syncing Listings


As you create Channel Listings, you have the option of allowing Flxpoint to link to existing listings you have on that channel.

Linking and Syncing Listings can be done without the listing being published within Flxpoint. This means that Flxpoint would only be updating the PQS of a listing on your channel.


Link Listings

  1. Click on Channels tab.

  2. Click on the Channel you'd like to setup Sync Listings for.

    1. (If your Channel Integration is not already setup yet, you may create it)
  3. The configuration of setting Linking Priority up will be under Step 2.

  4. Setup your Listing Variant and your Channel Variant (in the example, it shows Shopify Variant).

  5. Save and Proceed

In order to link listings, you will need to select the listing variant value (most often SKU or UPC) that you want to use to cross-reference against your channel's value for those listings (again, most often SKU or UPC, but each channel may have different options to choose from).

The values contained in the fields you select must match exactly for the link to be made.

Editing Linking Priority

You can easily edit your Linking Priority by going back into the configuration for that channel's Sync Listings and going back into Step 2 to add or remove priorities.

Be sure to Save and Complete after, and then Update.

There is a toggle in the channel settings to determine if Flxpoint will try to establish a link based on your priority after building the listing.

This will not impact any of your channel's listings, but instead will simply connect to them for future use. If you do not set the toggle to Yes, you will later need to take the extra step of re-linking listings (discussed below) before you are able to overwrite or sync to those listings on your channel.


Listing Status: Initial Setting

For channels that support it, Flxpoint will determine the current status of each listing on your channel and use that value for the Flxpoint listing status.

If an item is hidden on your channel currently, Flxpoint will set that item's listing status to Hidden as well.

Should you have rules in Flxpoint to change listing status, you will need to run those rules after linking listings to reset those values in Flxpoint.

If you do not set a linking priority during Sync Listings, you will need to execute the Re-Link Listings action before overwrite or sync functions can push changes for those listings from Flxpoint to your channel.

This action can be found in the drop down menu in the upper-right corner of your Channel Listings tab.

You may also need to re-link listings if the connection is ever broken due to changes made directly on your channel (changing SKU for a listing variant directly on your site, for example).

Re-linking listings only attempts to link listings that currently have a linking status of Unlinked.

It does not attempt to re-establish links for listings that are already linked.

Linking Status When Re-Building Listings

Re-building listings does not perform a new link action. Any listings that are re-built will maintain their existing link connection.

Syncing Listings

This is needed when the Price, Quantity, or Status of a listing is out of sync. Syncing listings performs a sync to the product that is listed within the Source Inventory tab.

  1. Choose the listing(s) you want to Sync
  2. Go to Actions > Force Sync
  3. Click Yes on the pop-up

You do not need to Sync / Publish after doing a Force Sync. You can also wait until the next scheduled sync to occur and it will sync at this point.


Scheduling a Sync

This can either be done while you're setting up your Linking Priority, or you can come back in later to set this up if you choose.


  1. Click on the calendar icon located under the Channel you want to sync
  2. Enable the option for under Automate for Schedule
  3. Set your timing preferences
  4. Click Update

Syncs will now be performed based on your scheduled preferences.