Workflows represent a set of rules where conditions and actions can be configured. Workflows are associated with events within Flxpoint (such as an order being imported, a fulfillment request being generated, etc.). Each rule within a workflow contains:

  • Conditions
  • Actions

Conditions determine the criteria that needs to be met for an action to take place.

Actions determine what actually happens if the conditions are met.

Event Order Importing
Use Case Mark International Orders on Hold & Send Alert
Conditions If Shipping Address Country Code is not "US"
Actions Set Order Status to "Hold" and Send Custom Alert: "International Order Alert"


Conditions are optional in workflows. If the specific action should be taken for ALL entries related to this workflow, the condition can be specified as Always Run.

For conditions, a workflow will have access to the fields related to that event. For example, if an order is imported, the fields accessible in this workflow will revolve around order fields.

Once a field has been selected, conditions can be selected and configured.

Workflows also allow for logic using "and" and _"_or" operators. These operators allow for dynamic comparisons across multiple fields and/or conditions.


Once conditions are configured, actions can be taken against the items that match the conditions specified.

Actions general consist of:

  • Modifying statuses
  • Transforming data
  • Alerting of certain conditions (via custom alerts)

Similar to conditions, actions can be taken against items that intended to be manipulated.

For example, in the order routing workflow, the only action is Choose a Routing Group. In contrast, the order import workflow allows manipulation of order data, including the order status.

Enable / Disable Rules

When a new rule is created, it will be enabled by default. This means it will be active in the list of rules for a workflow once you've saved ("Update") the workflow.

You bypass a rule by disabling it in the workflow. This will skip the rule in the workflow and workflow tester.

Testing Your Workflow

Flxpoint allows you to test your workflows and preview how a set of rules impact one another. Follow the exercise below to learn how to test your workflows.