REQUIRED: Compliance With Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement
Amazon is now requiring all applications to enforce compliance with their Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement.

To remain compliant, you must enable the COMPLIANCE WITH AMAZON BUSINESS SOLUTIONS AGREEMENT toggle in the settings for each of your sources.

Starting 9/22/22, any source that does not have this setting enabled will no longer be eligible for order routing from Amazon channels.

For more information, please see: Required Compliance with Amazon

Amazon Quickstart Video Guide

  1. Gathering and Entering Credentials: This video will show you how to gather the credentials you will need to connect Flxpoint with your Amazon Seller Central Account. Check out the How to Connect section below!
  2. Identify Active Amazon Listings Within Flxpoint Source Inventory: This video will show you how to export your current active Amazon listings. You can use the process in this video to identify those products in your Source Inventory within Flxpoint to know what products you can focus on building to Flxpoint listings, and then establishing a link through the Link Listings operation to start syncing quantity and price information. Check out the Link Listings section below!
  3. Useful Initial Steps for Amazon in Flxpoint: This video will show useful practices to leverage when setting up Amazon in your Flxpoint account, including key filters and mapping template modifications to add initially. This way, you are setup to make the process of building listings to Amazon as seamless as possible.

  1. Linking, Syncing, and Publishing Amazon Listings with Flxpoint: This video will showcase how to establish a link to your active Amazon listings, schedule and run a Sync Listings job for price/quantity updates, and how to publish/add new products to your Amazon account. Check out the Listing Operations section below!

How To Connect via Amazon Seller Portal (OAuth2)

Connection Details

  • REFRESH TOKEN : After saving the connection, go to your Amazon store and install the Flxpoint app to get the token

Enter your Selling Partner ID and Market Place and save the connection to start the OAuth2 process.

Steps For Locating The Seller/Merchant ID, Token

In Amazon,

- Start in Seller Central,

- Select "Apps and Services" / "Selling Partner Appstore"

- Search the Appstore for "Flxpoint"

- Select the Flxpoint result and then "Authorize Now" on the right side of the screen.

- Follow the prompts to enable the Authorize new developer and it then opens Flxpoint.

In Flxpoint,

- Create a new channel, Select Amazon as the Integration type.

- Select the "Amazon Oauth" connection that was created. (it has the refresh token loaded and the merch token)

- Edit the connection and update the marketplace as appropriate.

The process can be done in reverse order as well, but it requires knowing the Merchant token and Marketplace and entering it into the Connection information.

You Need To Locate The Seller/Merchant ID, Auth Token on Amazon Seller Central With FlxPoint

You can locate these required items by following these steps: (Graphical Representation)

  1. Log in to your Amazon account
  2. Go to
  3. Click the "Appstore" button on the right

  1. Search for "Flxpoint" app in the Marketplace

  1. Click "Authorize Now"

Amazon US, CA, MX

Developer's Name: Super Sale Source

Developer Account Number: 8674-2750-6503

For Amazon UK Developer's Name: Inventory Source

Developer Account Number: 9441-1215-9391

  • Once you will Authorize the app, you will be redirected to the Flxpoint Sales channel app to link the GeneratedToken.
  • After you've submitted this information Amazon will provide you with your "SELLING PARTNER ID" and your "API Token"
  • Marketplace IDs are always the same based on the marketplace. You can select your marketplace from a dropdown when setting up the connection in Flxpoint. A full list can also be found at the bottom of this document.

Supported Operations

Sync Listings SUPPORTED

Publish Listings SUPPORTED



Link Listings SUPPORTED

Listing Operations

Link Listings


The Link Listings operation allows Flxpoint to connect Flxpoint listings to your existing Amazon products, as long as the SKU matches the two systems. This both preserves your current product data and allows product updates without explicitly publishing listings.

Deleting Products
If you delete a product on your store without using Flxpoint the item will still be shown as "Linked" inside of Flxpoint until the next product Sync, in which case the listing will be changed to a "Broken Link" status.

You will need to unlink and relink the items in your listings section to fix this.

Sync Listings


The Sync operation syncs any changes that have been made to a Listing's quantity or price since the last time sync was performed.

Fulfilment Channel
- For FBA, this field should be set to the Amazon option
- For FBM, this field can be left unmapped or should be set to the default option

- For FBA, this field should be set to "Do Not Map"
- For FBM, this field should be mapped with "Quantity" or a number 0.

You do not need to use the Fulfilment Channel and Quantity fields if you are only updating pricing information. When both fields are empty, the default fulfilment channel will be used.


SUPPORTED How delisting works with Amazon

Delisting permanently removes the product from your Amazon channel listing, can only be brought back to listed status again after running the sync/publish job is made to run.


SUPPORTED Hiding the variant for Amazon channel listing

Hiding the variant temporary sets the product to a state where an it appears as Out of stock on your Amazon channel, making sure there are no unwanted order for the variant.


SUPPORTED Unhiding the variant for Amazon channel listing

Unhiding can only be used for the product variants that are already on hide status to bring the product back live for Amazon sales channel.

Import Listings


Import Listings can import pre-existing Amazon listings into Flxpoint.

For more information on the import listings integration, please see: Import Listings

Manual Integration
The import listings integration cannot be scheduled. You will need to manually run the import listings integration when you want to import listings.

Potential Listings Duplication
Import listings will only link Flxpoint's SKU to Amazon's SKU.

Mismatched SKUs will result in duplicate listings and products.

Linking to Flxpoint channel listings and product catalog based on ASIN, GTIN, MPN, or UPC is not supported.

Fields That Can Be Imported
Listing Parent
- externalListingId
- sku
- title
- description
- addImagesItem
- listingStatus (e.g. isHidden is true, then we will set the listing stats to hidden in FLX)

Listing Variant
- externalListingId
- sku
- title
- addImagesItem
- price
- quantity

Flxpoint will not import Amazon products that are suspect :
- When quantity is empty or extremely high (such as 999999999)
- When pending quantity is empty or extremely high (such as 999999999)
- When price is empty

Listing Management:

  • Applies to listings at the Channel Listings level in Flxpoint.
  • Select from two options: Create Only or Create & Overwrite Existing
  • Create Only: Amazon listings will be imported and linked to existing Flxpoint listings based on SKU. If there is not a SKU match to an existing Flxpoint listing, a new listing will be created.
  • Create & Overwrite Existing: Amazon listings will be imported and linked to existing Flxpoint listings based on SKU. For all SKU matches, the listing data in Flxpoint will be overwritten by the imported Amazon listing data. If there is not a SKU match to an existing Flxpoint listing, a new listing will be created.

Set New Listings to Paused:

  • If enabled, this setting will automatically set all newly imported listings to a Paused status.
  • Pausing newly imported listings allows you space to connect your imported listings to sources before orders flow into Flxpoint. This step is important in ensuring fields, such as pricing and quantity, are accurate.
  • If you choose to enable this setting, you will need to manually unpause the imported listings when you are ready to do so. You can unpause the listings by clicking Actions → Edit → Unpause as shown below:

Import Listings Recent Notifications:

Once the Import Listings job has completed, you can view the results of the job in the Recent Notifications log. The recent notification log will provide a breakdown of how many parent and variant items were created or updated as well as an errors encountered.

You can find the Recent Notifications log by nagivating to the following:

  • Amazon Channel Settings Gear → Integrations → Import Listings → Scroll to the bottom of the integration screen

Publish Listings


When publishing listing variants to Amazon, we will only create offerings for products that currently exist on Amazon. Our operation links existing listings in our system to existing products on Amazon.

It does not create brand new items on Amazon.

Creating new listings/ASINs is not currently supported. As such, the product content curated within Flxpoint (images, etc.) will not be transmitted to Amazon. Publishing with Amazon is primarily used to associate (or re-associate) listings to a particular ASIN.

Fulfillment Center ID:
- For FBA, this field should be set to one of the AMAZON_ options (AMAZON_NA for North America marketplace, etc.)
- For FBM, this field can be left unmapped or should be set to the default value

Publishing Limitations
Price is required when publishing. If you are using an Amazon repricer, the repricer will need to update your pricing following the publish.

Usually when this type of workflow is necessary, we suggest publishing the listing with its MSRP price, or a markup that is non-competitive.

After the offering is created, a reprice or subsequent Sync Listings job can be ran to update the products actual listing price. We noted above that if you are using a repricer, you should not map price for the "Sync Listings" operation as this will overwrite your repricer values.

Bulk FBA Listing Creation
Publishing FBA products may be difficult to do in bulk due to the different conditionally required fields that are needed.

Please see this inventory loader template for more details on these requirements: Flat.File.InventoryLoader.xls


SUPPORTED Overwriting the Variant details

Overwrite feature enables you to overwrite any data for already published variant on your Amazon sales channel. i.e. updating Title, Description, categories, MPN, UPC, GTIN, Images.

Order Operations

You must configure your Shipping Mappings prior to running Get Orders for orders to import properly.

Shipping Mappings


This ensures orders are being imported from Amazon and mapped to a central shipping policy in Flxpoint. You will need to provide the shipping text associated with the Default Shipping Settings currently offered on your Amazon account.

The determine what to populate in your Flxpoint Channel Shipping Text, in Amazon go to Settings > Shipping and Returns Information > Shipping Settings

In Flxpoint the shipping text will display as follows for the two options, Standard & Expedited, shown above.

Shipping Text
Amazon's Channel Shipping Text can be one of the following depending on your configuration.

Shipping Text (Configure in Flxpoint) Amazon Method
Exp US D2D Dom Expedited
Second US D2D Dom SecondDay
Econ US Dom FreeEconomy
Std US D2D Dom Standard

Get Orders


The Get orders operation retrieves any new Orders from Amazon that have not yet been imported and will send back Acknowledgements for those Orders if needed.

Data Retention Policy
Amazon requires all order "PII" (Personally Identifiable Information) be removed no later than 30 days after shipment.

This means that orders imported from Amazon will have their Shipping Address, First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone, Address 1, and Address 2 fields redacted once an order has been shipped and is older than 30 days.

You can learn more by reading this white paper.

My Orders are not importing, what should I do?

The most likely cause of this issue relates to the order status on your store, and the order status we're looking for based on our configurations. If you are unsuccessful at importing an order; double check the status of the order, and ensure it matches your configurations for this operation.

The second possibility is that the order is "too old" for us to import. Under "Configure Settings" you also have the option of selecting the date range of orders we can import. If you set this limit to 7 days, consider checking the non-imported orders creation date and increasing the number under the "Get Orders Created within the last X Days" configuration.

Sync Orders


The Sync order operation syncs any changes that have been made to Order(s) since the last time sync was performed. The most common use of this operation is to update tracking information to an existing order.

Why isn't my tracking information being updated on my Amazon account?

The most common cause of this error is the "Method" being sent to Amazon does not match an existing method Amazon accepts. This is more often than not a typo and when it occurs Flxpoint will mark a specific error on the shipment and allow you to make an edit on the shipment to resolve the issue.

For example, if you had method "UP Ground" instead of "UPS Ground" Amazon would reject this as it is not a known fulfilment option.

Marketplace IDs:

Country Country Code Marketplace ID
Mexico MX A1AM78C64UM0Y8
Brazil BR A2Q3Y263D00KWC
Germany DE A1PA6795UKMFR9
United Kingdom GB A1F83G8C2ARO7P

Please let us know if there are any questions or concerns with your setup.

You can always email for 24/7 support.

Required Compliance with Amazon

Amazon is now requiring all applications to enforce compliance with their Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement. The full agreement can be found here: Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement

In specific, one clause they asked us to highlight in the Sale and Fulfillment section of this agreement :

  • [Sellers must] (j) identify yourself as the seller of each of Your Products on all packing slips or other information included or provided in connection with Your Products and as the Person to which a customer may return the applicable product

As a Technology Partner to Amazon, we have opted to implement the following controls to comply with this requirement. All sources must enable the _Compliance with Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreemen_t toggle.

All “Sources” must enable “Compliance with Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement” toggle. To enable this setting:

  • Click Sources
  • Click the Gear Icon next to the desired source.
  • Click Settings
  • Enable the Compliance with Amazon Services Business Solutions toggle
  • Repeat for each source on your account as applicable.

Starting on September 22nd, 2022, any source that does not have this setting enabled will no longer be eligible for order routing from Amazon channels.

Common Errors

Common Errors
Below you will find a list of some common errors when working with an Amazon Channel and some troubleshooting steps to take!

  • Brand Restrictions: "You are not authorized to list products under this brand. To sell products under this brand, please try adding one of your SKUs under this brand through the "Add a Product" page.

    • Amazon will review your application to sell the brand and if approved then that product should be added to your seller account and you can establish a Link versus publishing. Moving forward publishing that brand should be successful since you are now approved.
  • Missing Mapping: "Missing required mapping for amazon.inventory_product.fulfillment_center_id in mapping template"

    • This is referring to the publish mapping template for Amazon. Be sure this field is populated as it is required, default templates leave this blank so you must make a selection.
  • Product ID/Type: "The product ID is required when the Product ID Type is provided"

    • This is referring to the publish mapping template for Amazon. If your Product ID Type selection is ASIN/UPC/GTIN make sure on Product ID that ASIN/UPC/GTIN is selected. Lastly, the listing variant being published must have a valid value in the ASIN/UPC/GTIN field.
  • Condition Notes: "Condition notes are not accepted for products with a new condition type. Condition note contributions have been ignored for SKU "sku""

    • This is referring to the publish mapping template for Amazon. This is more of a warning that indicates condition notes were not published since the condition was indicated as New on the product but product should still be published if this is the only error.