Channel Invoices


Channel Invoices represent:

  • Receipts for paid orders coming from sales channels (B2C)
  • Invoices for resellers from reseller channels (B2B)

The channel invoice for an order can be seen on the Orders page:

Orders that import from your sales channel or reseller channel will track line-items such as:

  • Subtotal: the sum of the order line items
  • Tax: sales tax
  • Shipping Cost: your customer's shipping cost
  • Fee: additional fee associate with the order (typically "dropship fee")
  • Other: any miscellaneous cost associated with the order
  • Discounts: shows discounts that were applied towards the order

Sales Channel Invoices (B2C Receipts)

In most cases, when a new sales order imports from your integrated channel the order has already been paid, or at least an invoice to the customer has already been generated.

Flxpoint will generate a receipt reflecting the invoice from the sales channel showing the itemized costs associated with the order (i.e. sales price, shipping cost, sales tax, fees, etc).

Flxpoint Pro Tip:

In Flxpoint, the order number from your channel will become the "Channel Invoice #"

Best practice when configuring your purchase order/fulfillment request (PO/FR) strategy is to set it equal to "Channel Reference #" (with or without -1 for the first PO/FR). This can help reconcile PO/FRs to your sources with orders received from your channel.

Reseller Channel Invoices

If you are using Flxpoint to sell products to other resellers through reseller channels, then invoices are generated using order invoicing workflows and/or rate shopping (see Rate Shopping).

You can create invoicing rules that can be applied to add shipping costs and other fees at the time an invoice is generated in Flxpoint.

  • Example: Always run this rule so that a $2 dropship fee will be added to all invoices.
  • Example: Tiered shipping cost based on "Total Weight" of the order.

These invoice rules can be configured by visiting the reseller channel gear icon → Invoicing page.

This section will allow you to configure rules such as:

  • Flat rate or rule-based shipping costs
  • Additional dropship Fees
  • Discounts for specific channels/resellers

You can also configure more granular invoice rules at a specific reseller level by visiting a specific reseller's Invoicing page.

These invoicing rules will run at the time an invoice is being generated for a reseller.

Reseller Channel Invoice Authorization

For reseller invoices, a B2B partner must authorize an order to be captured before a user is allowed to capture payment and fulfill the order. This life-cycle is illustrated below:

  • Order is submitted as unauthorized
  • Reseller manually or automatically authorizes the order after reviewing the cost
  • Flxpoint user captures payment or defers the payment of this order
  • The order can now be routed and fulfilled

Capturing Payment for B2B Invoices

Capturing payment outside Flxpoint:

  • Orders can be marked as Deferred or Paid based on your preference

Capturing payment within Flxpoint via an integrated payment processor:

  • Capturing payment for orders can be done within an authorized order by clicking Capture
  • Group and capture payment to consolidate authorized orders by reseller for multiple resellers at once. This means there is one transaction per reseller that can include multiple orders.
  • Receipts can be automatically sent to your resellers via email