What Are Customizations?

Customizations can be done at the Product and Channel Listings Level to change or edit specific fields in bulk.

In the steps below, we will go over how to do it through the Channel Listing level (recommended).

These same steps can be applied for Product Catalog Level; however, doing it from Product Catalog will apply this customization to all channels that contain this product.

Channel Listing Level:

  1. Navigate to the Products icon (listed under the home icon on left-hand panel)
  2. Select the tab “Channel Listings” at the top of the page.
  3. In the right-hand corner, you will see a tab called “Actions”.
  4. After clicking this, you’ll then want to click “Customizations” under Import.

This will take you to a new page to where you'll import your Listing Customizations.

Creating a Template

Now that you're on the Listing Customizations page, you will need to create a template based on the customizations you’re looking to do.

How To:

  1. Select your Channel.

  2. Select your Template OR create a new one by clicking "Create New Mapping Template".

  3. Click the Arrow next to your new template to edit it in a new tab.

    1. This template will pull in feed value(s) such as SKU or UPC to match the items.
    2. You will also need to include fields you want to change (ie. list price, descriptions, etc).
  4. Name your new template.

  5. Save template.

Unique Identifier Required

You must use a unique identifier such as SKU, UPC, ASIN, or EAN in coordination with the "From Value(s)" you wish to customize. These "From Value" headers and SKU, UPC, etc., Identifiers must match exactly with how they're listed in FLX. You must also pay attention to what you're updating within the template for the "From Value", as there are two different "To Listing" fields—PARENT and VARIENT.

Executing Customization File

After the template is created, you can then upload your file that has the customization done in it.

How to:

  1. Once you have finished selecting your channel, selecting your template, and uploading your file to pull customizations from, there is a button at the bottom to run this.

    1. Note: There is no need to worry about the additional fields, you may fill them in if you would like, but the next important field is the file format towards the bottom.
  2. You will want to ensure this matches your file type (.csv, .xlsx, or .tsv).

  3. Click on the button to “Run Listing Customization”.

  4. You can then wait for the notification to show up in the top right corner that it is completed on the notifications icon 🔔.

Once Customization is Complete

After going back into Channel Listings, we can see the customizations for the item has updated since this product is now Out of Sync. We can reference this back to the original product listing in Source Inventory, if needed.

Source Inventory Listing:

Channel Listing via SKU Search:

We can see that the Title and List Price are now customized:

  • The Title customization can be referenced based on the original SKU in Source Inventory.
  • The List Price customization can be seen by clicking on the item—this shows the customized list price to the right of the original one.
Flxpoint Pro Tip

Don't see the customization that was made? The price, title, description, etc. will remain unchanged in the Source Inventory tab⁠—you will need to swap to the Channel Listings to see the updated price.

Since this product is now Out of Sync due to customization, it will now be in locked status and won’t be changed via a PQS update or rebuild.

To change this again, you will need to either do another bulk customization or do a manual edit on it.

To ensure changes are applied correctly, a Rebuild or an Overwrite may be required.

Guided Tutorial