Customize Product Categories


Customizing product categories allows you to:

  • Update category names
  • Restructure categories
  • Create new categories
  • Merge categories into other categories

To view and manipulate categories, visit the Product Catalog view and click View Categories in the top right

This will show you a screen similar to below:

To create, update, or restructure, click Edit Categories. To merge categories, you simply click the purple merge icon to the left of the category you would like to merge.

Merging Categories

To merge categories, click on the icon to the right of one category you would like to merge when viewing the Category Manager. Then, click the icon of the category you would like to merge into.

This screen will then pop up, showing which two categories and their subcategories will be moved into the merged category result. Click Confirm to merge.


You cannot merge categories while editing them. You must finish your edits and then perform the merges individually.

Renaming Categories

To rename categories, you will first need to select the Edit Categories button at the top of your Category Manager.

Then, all you have to do is begin typing in a category name field to rename your category. Always be sure to click the Save Categories button to ensure your work won't be lost.

Adding New Categories

To add a new category, click Add Primary Category at the top of the Product Categories screen.

The new category will then be added to the top of the list, where you can name it. Be sure to click Save Categories after adding new categories.

Deleting Categories

To delete an existing category, you'll navigate to either your Product Catalog or Channel Listings > View Categories. If you're viewing from the Channel Listing view, you will need to select the correct channel that you would like to manage.

To delete a category, click on the red trash can icon to the far right of the category.

Deleting Multi-Level Categories

Deleting multi-level categories will delete tiers under them. For example, if you have:
Category 1 → Apparel
Category 2 → Women's Apparel
Category 3 → Tops
Category 3 → Bottoms
Deleting a Category 2 would also delete any sub-categories under it (category 3, 4, etc).

Additionally, as noted, once categories are deleted, you will need to **rebuild *the products or use a *bulk customization **to populate the categories if you do not want to do one by one.

Individually Assigning/Changing Categories

You have the ability to go into any product or listing parent and change the categories at the parent level.

Restructuring Categories

To restructure categories, you will find a drag and drop icon on the Product Categories screen which allows you to move the categories in whatever order you would like, including into subcategories and third-level categories.

Automatic Category Mapping

As product categories are built from the Product Builder, they are automatically mapped to the original source categories.

This means that instead of creating complex mapping solutions such as:

  • Bachelorette & Party Supplies" → "Party Supplies"

You can simply rename this product category "Party Supplies."

Even though this category has been renamed, the next time you build or rebuild product parents related to this source category, it will not create a new category with the original name.

Instead, it will see that this category has been renamed and will keep your customized category name "Party Supplies" for any product parents found in "Bachelorette & Party Supplies."

This allows users to customize their content without the fear of this changing the next time they create or rebuild product parents.