Channel Pricing and Quantity


Use workflows to tailor each channel's pricing and quantity strategy. For more information on workflows, see here.

The concept of channel pricing and quantity specifically relates to listings.

A listing is specific to a channel, so configuring your channel pricing and quantity workflows will determine how listings receive their pricing and quantity levels (see Listing Pricing and Quantity).

Use Case

MAP Enforcement

Many suppliers and brands provide a minimum advertised price (MAP) that you cannot sell below.

Selling below this price can cause the brand or supplier to ban you from selling any of their products further. You can create an easy rule to make sure none of your products sell below MAP.

The rule checks your calculated markup and if that value falls below MAP, it will change the listing price to MAP to ensure you are not at risk in violating any policies.

Steps to take:

1) Create a conditional rule

2) Condition: "If MAP exists" and "MAP" → "Default List Price"

3) Action: Then "Set Default List Price" = "MAP"

4) Result: If there is a MAP value and it's greater than the list price, enforce MAP by setting the list price to MAP.

TIP: Placing this rule at the very bottom will make this rule run last, ensuring MAP is enforced after all other calculations/rules are factored in.

Guided Tutorial