Listing Pricing and Quantity


Pricing and quantity on Channel Listings is initially directly copied from your Product Catalog. From this point, they can either:

  • Remain the same as product variants (by default)
  • Have additional calculations added to them via workflows
  • Be completely modified using different strategies via workflows
  • Be locked, similar to how product variants can lock pricing and quantity

Since product listings are associated to channels, to manipulate listing pricing and quantity, you will perform this at the channel level.

Pricing and Quantity Workflows

Similar to product variant pricing and quantity functionality, for listings, you are given workflows to further manipulate this value at each individual channel, such as:

  • Adding a markup value to cost to derive a price
  • Adding a discount MSRP to derive a price
  • Enforcing MAP if one exists and the price is lower than the MAP

To manipulate these rules, visit:

Flxpoint App → Channels → Gear Icon → Pricing / Quantity

You will be able to manipulate pricing fields such as:

  • List Price: by default this is the product variant default list price, but can be modified via rules
  • MAP: You can create rules to modify the minimum advertised price
  • MSRP: You can create rules to modify the manufacturer suggested retail price (MSRP)
  • Quantity: You can create rules to modify the quantity

By modifying these values, you are configuring your channel-specific values for all of your listings associated to this particular channel. PLEASE READ BELOW!


The List Price of the Listing Variant will be determined by configuring Listing Pricing & Quantity workflows. If no rules are configured, the Listing Variant List Price will be the same as the Product Variant Default List Price

Each time this workflow runs the values at the listing level will be reset to the values at the product level. This is done in order to prevent repeatedly running a rule that could drive a value up/down towards infinity.

The Product Variant Default List Price will be used as a starting point for all calculations. If you would like to start your calculation off MSRP, MAP, or Estimated Cost, you can create a preliminary rule to set Listing Variant List Price to one of these fields.

To learn more about workflows and how you can build rules to achieve your results, see Workflows.

Locking Pricing and Quantity

In some situations, you may want to lock your pricing and/or quantity.

For example, you have a set price and do not want to dynamically modify it when source inventory data changes. Or you would like to set a static quantity for a non-shippable item, such as a virtual gift card.

To lock pricing and quantity, simply visit the specific listing variant you intend to lock pricing or quantity for. Click on the padlock icon to edit these values.

Manipulate the values you intend to lock and click Save. In this example, we modify List Price:

At this point, even if we have dynamic rules applied to manipulate Default List Price and/or MSRP, this particular product variant will not be modified until the locks implemented are released by clicking the trash icon.

Also, you can apply filters to find locked price and quantity fields (i.e. "List Price Locked").

  • After locking (manually overriding) your listings variant overrides, you will NOT be able to change the value through workflow rules.
  • However, in the Listing Price / Quantity Workflow you can reference fields that have been "Locked“ (manually overridden) in the IF condition to find listings that have a locked value, so you can update a different field.
  • Remember, you can only update fields that are NOT "Locked“.* To ensure you are only attempting to update fields that are NOT locked, you can add conditions for the same.