Customize Listings Categories


Managing listing categories is accomplished in the same way you manage product categories, though you'll utilize the View Categories link on the Channel Listings tab.

For more on utilizing category management, see Customize Product Categories.

Listing Categories

Your product categories are pushed here when you create listings.

You have the same merging, renaming, adding and restructuring features in the listings categories as you do with the product categories. The listing categories will mostly be used by those with multiple sales channels.

You can easily filter by channels by using the dropdown at the top.

Deleting Categories

Navigate to the View Categories from the Channel Listings tab, select your channel, then click on the red trash can icon to the far right to delete categories. Review the pop-up, and then proceed to typing in DELETE CATEGORY once you're sure that you want to proceed.

Deleting multi-level categories will delete tiers under them. For example, if you have:

  • Category 1 → Apparel

    • Category 2 → Women's Apparel

      • Category 3 → Tops
      • Category 3 → Bottoms

Deleting a Category 2 would also delete any sub-categories under it (category 3, 4, etc).

Additionally, as noted, once categories are deleted, you will need to rebuild the products or use a bulk customization to populate the categories if you do not want to do one by one.